About Us

Welcome to First Christian Church of Wilton Manors School

Founded in 1985, First Christian Church of Wilton Manors School has stayed true in it’s mission to provide quality care and education in a loving, Christian environment. We understand that choosing a school for your child is an important and long-lasting family decision. The preschool years are critical to a child’s optimal development and future success. These are the years very special and critical in a child’s development, as with their emerging cognitive and physical milestones, children begin to explore and engage the environment around them. The First Christian Church of Wilton Manor’s School is commited to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children feel loved, know they are valued, and are able to develop and grow to their full potential. Our programs are tailored to help the child and his/her family in the child’s education through the Pre-Kindergarten years.

Our Mission

At First Christian Preschool of Wilton Manors, we are committed to providing a cognitive and hands-on-approach that fosters academic excellence in an educational environment. Students are treated with reverence and respect as our qualified teachers actively engage them in establishing the life long foundation in their education. We aim to establish a joyous and spiritual experience for your child through traditional Christian beliefs and curriculum supplementation.

Our Values

At First Christian Preschool, we are committed to excellence by using creativity to spark imagination and inspiration in our youngest children. Our beliefs engender holistic values that will remain with them throughout their entire lives and lead them to become successful in life.

Our Philosophy

The educational goal of the First Christian Preschool is to develop the whole child, soul, body and mind, through the combination of religious training with vigorous intellectual growth. The First Christian Preschool of Wilton Manors offers children the opportunity to live and work in a Christian Community. Here Children are encouraged to exercise their free will through Christian Guidance. Our philosophy is based on respect for all people, especially children.

We strive to create an environment where we recognize the uniqueness of each individual and value each person’s life as a gift and blessing. We are committed to provide a quality child development program where the children feel safe and loved. Children learn best and develop their fullest potential through active participation in a wide variety of activities, which take place in a safe, secure, creative and nurturing environment.

We want to instill in each child a feeling of competence, autonomy, and a positive self-concept on their road to growth, independence, and self-autonomy. Activities for progression includes quiet times and meditation on teachings, relaxation, mealtime, outdoors, as well as free-play, art, naturalistic integration, leadership, and academics.

Children develop confidence and independence and a feeling of success. Understanding that independence begins with educational scaffolding before a child explores and learns in confidence, parents, teachers and staff work together to make preschool a positive learning experience for each child. We are committed to supporting the family unit and recognize the uniqueness of each families’ lifestyle and cultural heritage. We strive to support parents and encourage their involvement with open and honest communication.

First Christian Preschool Provides the opportunity for students to grow in the knowledge and appreciation of their personal abilities and talents; to value themselves as well as people in our global community; and to integrate daily principles learned.

Our Methodology

More Than Just ABC’s:

Our approach to Early Childhood provides a well-rounded experience that speaks to every learner. Students take part in once a week Chapel visit, Hands on Science Activites, Integrated Math and Language Art, Weekly Spanish Classes, Meditation, and an overall Naturalistic approach. Additionally, we offer Visual Arts, Weekly Creative Dance, and Music to offer diversity and cultivation in your child’s education.

• An interdisciplinary and multi-sensory approach instills a love of learning in early childhood.

• Our school offers a safe place for students to explore their passions, express themselves and develop self-esteem.

4 Key Traits We Develop At Our School


Language and Literacy – vocabulary, academics_borderimageletters, words, sounds, phonics, comprehension, reading readiness, pencil grip, handwriting and name recognition. Math and Numbers – number recognition and concept, comparing, sorting, shapes, patterns, measurement, beginning number operations. Art – Painting, drawing, cutting, pasting and easel work. Art can be planned and developmentally appropriate. Science – age appropriate experiments, thematic planning, study of living things, environment, earth, and culture.


Children have a natural, spiritual_borderimagedeep spirituality. Young kids have an incredible sense of wonder, they’re innate spiritual beings, learning the lessons of right from wrong and morality. We strive to develop a sense of family history, and and to demonstrate a caring attitude toward all others to help build the foundation of a rich spiritual life. Through love, daily prayer and preparation, we can help insure that the feelings and attitudes they develop will be positive and full of joy and anticipation of all God’s wonderful world.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.



We understand that naturalistic_borderimageestablishing a natural connection within infants, toddlers, and children is essential for their physical and intellectual development. Therefore we provide the experience of a natural setting in which we let explore and enjoy their environment. We want your children to have an environmentally conscious mindset instilling values of giving back to the community caring and restoring our ecosystem.



Our Program called leadership_borderimageThe Leader in Me implements our value of education in responsibility, goals settings, etiquette, and self-esteem. With these character foundation in early education, a child continues to grow with confidence. The Leader in Me is a visionary curriculum that the First Christian Preschool is pleased to offer.

Traditions Beyond the Classroom:

First Christian Preschool provides numerous opportunities for students to explore their passions and develop their interests whatever they may be.

• Chapel time

• Etiquette/Finishing Classes

• Community Service

• Picture Days

• “Mom’s Morning Tea” for Mother’s Day

• “Donuts with Dad” for Father’s Day

• Thanksgiving Feast

• Christmas Programs

• Holiday Parties

• The Pre-K Graduation for the 4’s

• Pre-Kindergarten Mystery Readers

• After ­School Music, Sports and Language Enrichment Programs